Niederdorfstrasse was once the main thoroughfare of medieval Zurich , with small craftsmen’s houses packed closely along it. When the quarters were completely destroyed by a fire in 1280, two houses were built where the restaurant stands today, each of which just one room wide. In 1890, the first innkeeper started business in house number 70 – known at the time as “ Zum Römer” – owned by the Wädenswil brewery. The brewers were not slow to recognize a good opportunity and, seeing the marvellous potential of the location, very soon decided to completely remodel both houses. In 1901 they were able to open a restaurant with its own butcher’s shop attached, named “ Johanniter” .

The most notable witnesses of past times in today’s Restaurant Johanniter are the tall, vaulted ceilings, which tell a different tale from days gone by to each new visitor. Why not convince yourself next time you visit our house and listen to what they have to say – maybe you’ll find you can add a new anecdote from days of yore to this brief chronicle.